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Leadership Selection

Driving holistic CEO selection process to ensure company growth

ghSMART has conducted over 23,000 SmartAssessments®. The method is anchored in the definition of a Scorecard and subsequent deep-dive interview. The robust fact-base and longitudinal patterns of successes, failures, work styles and motivations provide a highly reliable and data-driven assessment of expected performance and potential. This basis allows us to assess both external hires and internal promotes with a 90%+ accuracy.

Situation & challenge
  • Our client needed to replace a retiring CEO/founder in a niche professional services firm
  • The company provides custom technology solutions to a highly specialized and differentiated client base
  • The client turned to ghSMART for assistance in:
    • Defining the unique operational, cultural, and customer management aspects of this organization
    • Determining their implications for identifying the next CEO
    • Creating a smooth transition, continuing growth without losing current clients
Scope of work
  • ghSMART conducted a PWR study, a cultural assessment, and interviews with a number of both senior and mid-level leaders within the organization
  • We captured a comprehensive view of the strengths and opportunities: the organization’s strategies, structure, formal and informal decision-making processes, key influencers, ability to attract top performers, etc.
  • From that, we co-created a detailed Scorecard for the CEO role
  • We evaluated two finalist CEO candidates using our SmartAssessment®
  • That enabled us to make a clear hiring recommendation that the client followed.
  • We also provided onboarding support for the CEO (including 360-degree SmartFeedback®) during his first year as CEO
Impact and results
  • The client followed ghSMART recommendations and successfully hired the previously underestimated candidate
  • The new CEO successfully retained 100% of executives desired to remain on the new leadership team
  • Together, they restructured the organization to reduce both the sales and delivery “silos” that had developed given the unique market niches it served, creating additional cross-selling opportunities
  • Over five years, revenue tripled as EBITDA quadrupled, the client base was expanded, and new markets were entered
  • Our client exited their ownership at a multiple above their original pro-forma expectations
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"No investment is more important than building our teams, and ghSMART helps us do it right."
Ken Griffin
CEO Citadel LLC
"I have worked with ghSMART for over 10 years while I was Chairman and CEO of AMETEK Inc. Our biggest challenge was in sourcing and developing leadership, while growing at a very rapid rate. ghSMART was instrumental in their assessments of potential candidates to facilitate the selection and subsequent onboarding of top tier individuals for high level positions. The ghSMART methodology is superb."
Frank Hermance
Chairman Emeritus at Ametek
"When FORTUNE broke off from Time Inc., we needed to build a high functioning team, much of it from scratch. ghSMART made it possible for us to do that. In an economy where talent is the most important resource, ghSMART understands that resource, and how to get the maximum from it, better than anyone else I know."
Alan Murray
CEO at Fortune
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