What defines us,
what drives us

The mission of ghSMART is to use our expertise in business and human behavior to help CEOs, boards, and investors build valuable companies.

Our Credo

We exist to help leaders amplify their positive impact on the world.

We believe everyone is an A player at something. We believe that the best leaders hire people into the right roles, challenge them to learn​ and grow, and equip them to make choices that produce valuable outcomes. The best leaders build organizations that represent the people​ and the values of their communities and seek to include a breadth of perspectives in their decision making. A great leader, more than​ anything else, elevates the quality of life of an individual, group, and society.​

We understand leaders.

We bring unique expertise, with deep roots in business and psychology. We listen. We assess, develop, and deepen relationships with leaders​ and their organizations. Our approach gives us a unique window into who leaders are and how they will be most successful in shaping the​ direction of their organizations in service of their mission and values.​

We believe it is a great honor to partner with our clients.​

We partner with those who share our belief that leadership is the ultimate lever for positive change and who boldly strive to become the​ best they can be while aspiring to make a positive impact on society.

We believe it is a great honor to support our colleagues.

Our aspirations are high. Our work is hard. We enjoy the freedom of choice ​to chart the career and life that fit our highest talents and​ interests. Our strength comes from hiring professionals from diverse backgrounds of the highest caliber, character, and courage, and​ providing a culture that is welcoming, inclusive, and supportive for all.

We are better together.​

This is what we believe. This is why we are here. ​We are the leadership advisors to the leaders ​of the world.​

Our Values

When in doubt, lead

We are leaders serving leaders. We take action with clients and within our firm. We innovate. We are pioneers.

Who matters

Our clients are people, not institutions. Who we serve matters. Who we hire matters. The right who in the right where doing the right what matters.

Generosity and gratitude

We live our lives with a spirit of generosity. We share our diverse perspectives with one another. We create opportunities for each other. We work to ensure one another’s success. We express gratitude for the contributions of our clients and our colleagues.

Best you

To make the most valuable impact on our world, clients, firm, and self, we work to become the best version of ourselves. We bring out the best in our clients and colleagues. We do this by having the courage to dream big; by offering respectful feedback; by taking advantage of opportunities for learning, mastery and specialization; by exercising the freedom to choose; and by having the discipline to actualize our full potential.

Own the outcome

We care about our clients’ highest priorities, both in their current roles and in their careers overall. We define outcomes, collect data, conduct analyses, and persuade clients to take action. We don’t rest until our clients achieve their objectives. We take ownership for achieving our firm goals in client satisfaction, team satisfaction, and growth. We follow through on our commitments, with 110% integrity.