What does it take to build a mission-driven team?

Across the business world, we help leaders decide faster and win sooner.

the power of who

We help CEOs, boards and investors decide who should lead, building winning leadership teams that get results faster.

Our clients include leadership teams across the business would, from Fortune 500 corporations, to leading private equity investors, to purpose-driven non-profits, and we tailor our solutions to match.


Leadership assessments inform collective intelligence


High client satisfaction; 10-year client semi-annual survey average


C-suite advisory and development engagements

Corporate Solutions

We help CEOs and boards across the corporate spectrum make better, faster people decisions. From CEO succession to organizational development to assessing the leadership potential of your next generation, we help you lead better, decide faster, and win sooner.

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Private Equity & Principal Investor Solutions

From due diligence, to value creation, to exit, we work with the world’s largest PE firms and their portfolio companies to optimize leadership and unlock value faster.

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Public and Social Sector Solutions

We help philanthropic foundations, top-ranked Universities, world-renowned hospitals, and other highly respected non-profits have the maximally effective leadership they need to drive positive change.

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