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Build, enhance or strengthen your in-house capability to discover and hire A Players.

Corporate hiring process

Our “A Method of Hiring” is the most practical, relevant, and useful corporate hiring process on the market today. Thoroughly researched and field-tested, when applied correctly our approach yields a 90% or better success rate. 

ghSMART literally wrote the book on sourcing and selecting A Players with our New York Times bestseller Who, and we continually work with thought leaders in industry and academia to audit, update and improve our process.  

With our tailored-to-you training, we bring the full breadth of our knowledge, research and experience to your senior leaders, management teams and hiring front line.

How we partner with you

We’ve worked with many Fortune 500 and private equity portfolio companies to build a thoughtful, structured approach to leadership and selection that is easily applied across divisions and roles.  

Our training will teach your team the fundamentals of the A Method. We begin by grounding your team in the scorecard process. The scorecard will enable you to align hiring managers and senior stakeholders before, during and after a search by identifying core business outcomes and competencies for a role. Using the scorecard for selection, we’ll empower your team to gather the best data possible by using the right techniques and asking the right questions, then give your team processes for evaluating this data. Our training will increase your team’s confidence in assessing candidates while avoiding the biggest pitfalls and biases.  

Additionally, we can educate you on applying ghSMART’s validated model for capturing executive potential. We can also share our learnings on becoming trusted advisors with your talent and HR professionals, empowering them to have thoughtful, impactful relationships.

What you can expect

We customize our training to meet your unique needs and objectives, from basic one-day trainings (in person or virtual) to our full “black belt” certification (training the trainer). Basic training covers key components of the A Method and selection process through highly interactive practice exercises, role-play, and instruction. The full certification can consist of a series of workshops, experiential learning (with real-life cases), live coaching from ghSMART consultants and training on the potential model and trusted advisory.

“Thank you for the A Method training, numerous participants told me it was in the top one or two trainings they had attended in their career.”

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