Due Diligence and M&A

Increase your level of confidence in the deal by understanding the management team that will be at the helm on day one.

Private equity due diligence

You’d never dream of investing in a company without objective financial and commercial diligence — human capital diligence is equally core to the investment decision. Investment committees expect deal teams to cement an active leadership team acceleration and risk mitigation plan. Pre- and post-close, it is critical you understand the capabilities of the management team to deliver on the value creation plan and develop a strategy to close any gaps. 

In merger situations, it is integral to understand the fit between the leadership teams of each company; complementary capabilities and cultural compatibility are necessary for value creation.

How we partner with you

We help assess the likelihood that the leadership team and organization can achieve the investment thesis and meet performance expectations and empower you and the team to increase your chance of success.

What you can expect

From pre-close through value creation, we help you maximize the probability that the leadership team has the right skills in place and build and implement a practical talent roadmap to get you there. We engage through a tailored process within the deal context, rapidly assessing the target company team, analyzing areas for priority exploration pre- and post-close, and ensuring you make the best decisions with a focus on C-suite and other key roles. 

We’ll align investors and CEOs by accelerating your understanding of each other’s experiences, motivations and preferred ways of working.

“We will definitely partner with ghSMART for future deals of this kind. The insights from their work led us to change our decision to buy both companies; instead, acquiring only the better of the two. We assessed that the risk was too high with CEO #2 given challenges around his internal and external relationships.”

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