Executive Selection

The most important business decisions are about who, not what. Our proven assessment methodology and evidence-based analysis deliver clear results.

Executive assessment and selection

An estimated 50% of all hiring decisions are mistakes — the odds of getting the right person in the right role are no better than a coin toss. And the costs of hiring failures add up, in terms of money, time, headaches, and missed opportunities — especially at the most senior levels of an organization. 

Our proven, data-driven methodology for executive assessment and selection delivers 90%+ hiring success rates, getting the right people where they need to be, on the first try.

How we partner with you

We translate your needs into a scorecard for the role, including both the business outcomes (what needs to be done) and the leadership and management competencies required for success (how it needs to be done). This scorecard serves as an objective yardstick by which to evaluate candidates while ensuring everyone defines success in the same way — not always a given.  

We then conduct in-depth assessments of your candidates to uncover patterns of behavior, strengths and risk areas relative to the scorecard — allowing us to predict future performance with startling accuracy.

What you can expect

We provide clear, evidence-based recommendations on who to hire — but we find that our clients value so much more than “the answer”. 

We help you understand what your candidates are likely to do well and where they’re likely to struggle. We’ll identify specific steps you can take to position new hires for success, mitigate potential risks, build the right team around them, and develop productive working relationships.

“I would never hire a senior person again without ghSMART, and you helped us close the gaps on the rest of our team. That has contributed to 29 record quarters in a row. As far as I am concerned, our partnership with you will never end, and I can’t say that about any other advisor/partner.”

BU President
Fortune 200 manufacturing client

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