Top Team Effectiveness

Harness the full potential of your top team to drive business results.

C-suite effectiveness

Today’s teams are more geographically distributed and digitally enabled than ever — even in the C-suite. This creates new challenges that can impact interpersonal and team dynamics around collaboration, alignment and coordination, resulting in sub-optimal performance, waste and diluted business results. 

Our research finds that leaders who set clear Priorities, have the right Who (people), and apply critical practices to foster the right Relationships unlock the full power (PWR) of the team and decide, align, execute, and grow as a single unit.

How we partner with you

We help you realize the full potential of your leadership team by driving alignment on the direction and priorities of the business, provide clarity on the team mandate and roles of team members, and build both the hard and soft skills to improve and sustain long-term team performance in driving business results.  

We assess, diagnose, and accelerate team effectiveness by focusing on 4 core team loops:  

  1. Decide how teams debate to generate the best thinking and then converge in a timely manner with commitment. 
  2. Align how teams dynamically set goals and manage the resources of the business based on priorities and decisions. 
  3. Execute how teams coordinate their efforts to address interdependencies and establish a clear operating system. 
  4. Grow how they foster the right environment to openly share what matters and continuously get better over time.

What you can expect

Our engagement begins with monitoring and assessing team dynamics through group observations and one-on-one interviews. This results in a detailed and nuanced view of the team’s performance, which we use to tailor our capability-building approach.  

The diagnostic phase is followed by a series of workshops that build off your team’s existing strengths while addressing the most critical near- and long-term growth opportunities. Working together, you will achieve greater business performance through facilitated discussion, new skill development, and targeted team coaching. This will equip your leadership team with the tools and shared behaviors to accelerate and grow.

“Our work with ghSMART has naturally led to a greater willingness for our top leaders to discuss their professional development areas and a greater willingness to reach out and support each other.”

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