Management Team Assessment

Transform your management team into your greatest advantage for value creation.

Private equity consulting for management team effectiveness

You’ve done the hard work of due diligence and courting your new company. You’re sure you have a winning investment thesis and an ambitious value creation plan.  But how confident are you that your management team can deliver?  

The team in which you invested might not be perfectly ready to execute on Day 1, they will likely need development and upgrades to hit the mark. As an investor, you need to have a data-driven point of view as soon as possible so that you can make a plan to increase ROI. Time is money, inaction and hiring mistakes lower IRRs and asset valuation.

How we partner with you

We work with private-equity-backed CEOs and boards to efficiently understand the leadership talent you’ve invested in and identify how to perform against your value creation plan. 

With the express purpose of hitting your value creation plan faster and achieving a favorable exit, we partner with you to build and accelerate the right structure and team around the CEO through: 

  •   Aligning the board and CEO on what success looks like 
  •   Giving constructive developmental feedback to the management team 
  •   De-risking critical executive hires
  • Jumpstarting team performance

What you can expect

We have a 25+ year track record of ensuring PE firms, boards and CEOs have talent plans in lock step with their value creation plans.

We can partner with you as early as the critical period between sign and close so you can hit the ground running with data-driven diagnoses of your management team and organization. Together, we will create a prioritized talent plan that identifies and codifies the most important actions in alignment with business goals. We coach CEOs, deal partners and management teams over the course of the investment and up to and including the exit.

“ghSMART made the difference between a 2X and 3X exit multiple.”

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