Next Generation Leadership Assessment & Development

Prepare and grow tomorrow’s leaders by identifying the potential in your next generation.

Future leaders assessment

Our research-backed understanding of what drives C-Suite and CEO Success coupled with our validated model of predicting executive potential will help you identify where to invest and how to build leadership capacity for the future. We’ve uncovered five reasons why even the best companies struggle to maximize their leadership talent portfolio: they select the wrong people; they start too late; they mortgage the future, solving for near-term needs; they over-invest in generic programs; they lack metrics and follow-through.

How we partner with you

Our approach encourages boards and CEOs to manage their talent portfolio as they would their business portfolio — actively, deliberately, continuously. We closely monitor the progress of the critical 25-50 leaders against the company’s evolving strategy.

We’ll align business and behavioral outcomes. The criteria we use to assess leaders is tethered to where the business is today and where it needs to go in the future, not to general universally accepted competencies.

Our Potential Model will demystify leadership potential by breaking it down into observable, measurable behaviors (Cognitive Quotient, Drive Quotient, Emotional Quotient).

SmartDev is our expansive approach to development. SmartDev focuses on helping companies design role expansion, rotation, stretch experiences, and opportunities for exposure to key stakeholders internally and key forums externally. We combine this with our coaching and leadership advisory services, providing tactical advice and concrete skill-building to individuals and to leadership cohorts.

What you can expect

We’ll help you move stale succession plans to proactive management of the enterprise talent portfolio by:

  • Ensuring the right people in the right roles at the right time to optimize business performance and individual development.
  • Building the optimal portfolio of skills and capabilities to take the business forward in an uncertain landscape.
  • Building a robust bench of talent to create succession options for key roles.
  • Solidifying and ensuring culture and values are deeply embedded in the next generation of leaders.
  • Building connectivity among leaders across the enterprise to yield both strong individuals and a strong team.

“The content and insights we were able to bring to the board regarding our high-potential and succession pipeline for critical roles was light years beyond what we had done in the past and led to greater alignment, engagement and confidence with the board.”

Chief Talent Officer
Fortune 500 client

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