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What to expect during your ghSMART Career Discussion

What the conversation will consist of:

You and your ghSMART Consultant will spend some time up front discussing your early years, family, and education, but the vast majority of the conversation will focus on getting an in-depth understanding of your experience in the key professional roles you have held during your career.

For each role, plan to discuss:

  • What you were hired to do
  • Your defining accomplishments and contributions, and how you specifically went about achieving those results
  • The mistakes you made, the lessons you learned, and the things that you may have done differently
  • Who you worked with, and what the experience was like
  • Why you left each role, and what motivated you at the time in your career

Most candidates find the process a useful and valuable experience and a rare opportunity for such self-reflection.

Additional logistics can be answered by your consultant’s Executive Assistant.

How long the conversation will take:
You and your ghSMART consultant will spend anywhere from 4-5 hours together. This will include a few breaks.
How to Prepare:
There is no preparation required; however, you may find it helpful to take a few minutes in advance of your meeting to write down a few notes for yourself such as timelines, key events in your personal and professional life, names of bosses and coworkers, and so forth. This may make it easier for you to recall details during your conversation.
What to wear:
The attire for the SmartAssessment is business casual.
Get to Know Your Consultant
Our team is made up of exceptionally talented and passionate people.
Who We Are
We are the only firm in the industry that combines both PhDs in psychology and top performers from leading strategy consulting firms and industry. This unique “double helix” of capabilities equips us to help our clients leverage talent as a competitive advantage and deliver results against demanding business goals.
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